22" x 17" Single Wall Poster Frame and Poster Inserts

Aluminum Decorative Snap Frame Poster Holder and Prints 22" x 17"

  • Corporate Approved Full Color Semi-Gloss Poster Paper Print to be inserted into corporate approved matching Snap-Frame.
  • Snap Frame can mount to walls with either double sided tape or with 4 screws that are included with the frame.  Frame available in silver, black or gold finishes only.   
  • Frame is pictured half open so that you can see how it snaps open and closed.  
  • Prints will be done in 22" x 17"
  • Offices can order just prints if they would like.
  • Frames have a clear lens cover for print protection.  You can order one frame and switch out the four posters as you like or your event/office needs change.  The system will allow you to customize your order to the amount of prints and frames you need for your office.  
  • If choosing the option for a team photo, please place your order first and keep your order confirmation number.  After completing the order we will email the confirmation number to you.  Next, you will send your team photo to 196@fastsigns.com.  Include the ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBER IN YOUR EMAIL along with the names and designations of all team members in your photo.  We will then supply you with a digital proof after you order this poster so that you can make sure that all names and info is correct.    

**All orders placed after 3pm will be processed the next business day.

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